Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ugg Boot Style Booties

Finished Booties

Okay.. So this is a fun, and cute pattern that I came up with after sitting there staring at my own ugg boots and thinking that a miniature pair would look adorable.
They are a little difficult to make but it is mainly in the finishing touches that it gets difficult. The booties themselves are easy and are made up just like any other worked flat pattern.

Pink 4ply yarn
White 4ply yarn
4mm Crochet Hook

Starting with Pink
Chain 31
Row 1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in each ch across, ch1, turn
Row 2: hdc in each hdc across, ch1, turn
Row 3: hdc in each hdc across, ch2, turn
Row 4: dc in each hdc across, ch2, turn
Row 5: dc in each dc across, ch1 turn
Row 6: hdc on each dc across, turn
Row 7: Slip st in the next 8sts, ch2, dc in same st, dc in next 14 dc's, ch2, turn
Row 8 - 10: dc in each dc across, ch2 (do not chain 2 at end on row 10)
     Join white, ch1 
Row 11:  hdc in each dc across, ch2, turn
Row 12: dc in each hdc across, ch2, turn
Row 13:  dc in each dc across, ch1, turn
Row 14: hdc in each dc across, ch1, turn
Row 15: sc in each hdc, fasten off.

Before Sewing Up
With wrong side facing!
Using whip stitch, sew up front seam and along the top and toe of bootie, then turn right way out.
With right side facing, 
Using whip stitch sew up sole of bootie.
Weave in ends

Side/Front Detail
Using the next picture as a guide, you will now add the detail too the booties to make them look like Ugg Boots. As I mentioned at the start of the blog, this step is the most difficult of the whole process but without these touches, the booties would not look like the Ugg Boots that they are meant to.

With white, sc along 2nd row to make the bottom edge of the trim, join with a slip stitch and fasten off.
Flatten bootie, measure 2cm from heal and join with slip st to edging just made, sc up side of bootie as shown above, fasten off when reaching the white cuff and repeat on other side.
measure up 1cm from edging, on line of sc just made and join white yarn, sc around front of bootie, joining on the opposite side, 1cm up from the edging.

Note:  Row 8 can be repeated until desired hight is achieved. 
Same design, made in blue.
Booties Made Taller By Repeating Row 8 Twice

Saturday, August 20, 2011

White/Pink Top

Third top from my 'More Sweaters'  post.

Starting at the top of the Shirt

Chain 46

Row 1:  dc in 2nd ch from hook (counts as first dc now and throughout) and in the next 6 sts. Make a *shell (dc, ch1, dc) in next st, dc in next 9 sts, shell in next st, dc in next 12 st, shell in next st, dc in next 9 sts , shell in next st, dc in last 7 sts. Ch 2, turn.

Rows 2-6: dc in the 2nd st from the hook. dc to ch-1 sp, make shell in ch-1 sp, dc across to next ch-1 sp, shell in ch-1 sp, dc across to next ch-1 sp, shell in ch-1 sp, dc across to next ch-1 sp, make shell in ch-1 sp, dc in remaining last space. Ch 2, turn. (Be sure you start in that 2nd chain from the hook and finish at the very end each row!)

Row 7:  dc to first ch-1 sp, fold garment in thirds and connect first and second ch-1 spaces (the holes) with a dc. dc across to next ch-1 sp, fold shirt in thirds again,connect 3rd and 4th ch-1 spaces by making a dc in the 4th ch-1 space. dc across to end, join in ch2 sp. 
Rows 8-11: Ch 2. dc in each dc across.
Rows 11 - 30: ch1, sc in each st across.

Attach yarn at the arm pit. Ch 2 to make the first dc. Dc around the armhole with 24 dcs. Join in the top of the initial ch 2 and dc around. Do this for a total of 3 rounds.

Pockets: (make 2)
Row 1:Ch 10, dc in 2nd st from hook, dc across, ch2, turn
Row 2 - 5: dc in 2nd st from hook, dc across, ch2, turn.
SC around edge 
fasten to bottom of top, one on either side, fastening a small button to the top corners of both pockets if you wish.

Chain approx. 130 in pink and one in white,
thread pink chain through row 9 of sweater 
thread white chain through row 4 of sweater

Pocket Detail

White Sweater

Ok. So I promised I would sit down and figure out how I created the two sweaters in the second half of my last blog.. So here is the first one.

5mm (G) hook
50g ball 4ply Baby Yarn in White
small amount of 4ply Baby Yarn in pink
4 or 5 buttons

starting with white,

Row 1: ch 45, turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 6 sts, sc inc in next st (sc, ch1, sc), sc in next 9 sts,  sc inc in next st, sc in next 14 sts, sc inc,  sc in next 9 sts, sc inc, sc to end, ch1 turn.
Row 2 - 10:  sc in 2nd st from hook,  *sc to ch1 spc,  sc inc,  repeat from * till end, ch1 and turn.
Row 11:  sc to first ch1 sp, insert hook through first and second ch1 sp, sc to join, sc across to next ch1 space, inserting hook through 3rd and 4th, sc to join, sc to end, ch1 and turn
Row 12:  sc across, ch2 turn
Row 13 & 14:  dc across, ch1 and end of row 14
Repeat rows 12 - 14 four more times (total of 5 times)

Join yarn in ch1sp,
Row 11: ch1, sc around, join with slip st, ch1
Row 12 - 24:  sc in each sc around, join with slip st in ch1 to join.'

sc with pink around sleeves,bottom hem and up the front/around neck. making 3sc on the corners, join with a slip st in the first sc. 

Row 1: join 2sts back from edge, dc around, ending 2ts before edge on other side, ch2, turn, 

Row 2: dc across
Repeat Row 2 once more, cut yarn and weave in ends.
sc around edge of collar using pink.

place buttons down the front, 1.5 inches apart, fasten to right side of the sweater and push through the holes in the sweater on the left side. (no buttons holes were made in the edging, but if you wish to, and know how to, you may.)

in pink make a chain of approx. 130 and thread through row12 of sweater, tying up at the front (mid way between second and third buttons)

Front detail with tie and buttons
Collar detail

Pattern detail (back of sweater)